Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Meanwhile, there's a game to play

There's a lot of talk about the upcoming coaching vacancy for Indiana. The ESPMSM may be getting the idea (very slowly) that Alford may not be a lock for the IU job. After sending up the Alford-wanters, the Big Ten Wonk gives voice to the cooler heads in his Wonk Back section today.

Frank Burlison at Fox Sports reports that Mike Montgomery is interested in no college job, thank you very much. But you can't believe anything coaches say until they sign the dotted line.

This article hits some of the points of making about the decline of Hoosier Basketball happening before Davis even took over. Although I would respond to the particluar point that Pat Ewing Jr. was a player we wanted to keep, while kicking Sherron Wilkerson out of the program was one of the best things Bob Knight ever did. But otherwise, the points are valid.

Meanwhile, there's a game to play!

Indiana can go a long way towards clinching a NCAA berth with a win tonight at Purdue. A win at Michigan would frankly look even better, and getting both would probably mean that the Hoosiers would return to "lock" status. But the way the game was played the first time around completely favored the Boilermakers, and there's no reason to think it won't be another very ugly, very slow game. I'm betting it could really go either way, and be pretty close at the end. If IU hits some great shots down the stretch will they be able to come away with a win. It's too bad that the worst team in the Big 10 is also our big rival, and if Marco steps off the bus with 2 or 3 fouls, that might demoralize the Hoosiers enough to throw the game.
But I would be happy if they got this one or the Michigan game, and then picked up one or two W's in the conference tourney, and hopefully the slection committee would be happy, too.


At 6:05 AM, Blogger carissa10 said...

I fail to see how kicking Sherron Wilkerson off the team was the best thing Knight ever did at IU.


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