Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Various updates & notes:

World Cup:

The US has to beat both Ghana and Italy now to get into the second round. That's not a good position to be in, especially after the Czechs got more injured in the first game.

Also in trouble is Sweden, who has to pick up a win versus Paraguay or England now to ensure a place in the second round.

Looking impressive: Czechs, Mexico, Argentina
Less impressive: USA, Japan, Poland


Dallas' double-teaming of Shaq is working to perfection. The Big Aristotle is just not a factor. I suspect that part of the problem is that Riley is being forced to Antoine Walker a lot because of his shooting, but Walker just makes terrible decisions. I've never been a fan of "employee #8" and this series is throwing more evidence on the pile.
Now, I do think we'll see a different Miami team in the next couple of games, but Dallas is looking like the smarter team, and I did not expect that.

NBA Draft early entries:

1. Aaron Afflalo & Jordan Farmar of UCLA
Farmar's looking like a top-15 prospect, so he's probably gone. But if Afflalo returns, he and Josh Shipp should give Ben Braun enough perimeter firepower to stick around the top 25.
2. Kyle Lowry of Villanova
Real toss-up here.
3. Daniel Gipson & P.J. Tucker of Texas
Tucker is gone. Gipson should return, but if he doesn't, the NIT might await for Texas.
4. J.R. Pinnock & Carl Elliott of George Washington
Pinnock is gone. But as long as Elliot returns, there is a shot at a NCAA bid for GW.
5. Aaron Gray of Pittsburgh
Gray could still come back. Draft status uncertain, but he's probably better off going this year than next. I actually think he should go.
6. Ronnie Brewer of Arkansas
Brewer projected as possible top ten pick. Gone.
7. Nick Fazekas of Nevada
The Wolfpack is a contender for a top 25 ranking as Fazekas returns for his senior year.
8. Josh Boone of UConn
9. Mustafa Shakur of Arizona
Still can come back. Should come back.
10. Leon Powe of California


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