Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Can't let this weekend pass without comment

As Ryan G. and then Rick Bozich have both noted, this was just a killer weekend for Indiana University. They both failed to mention that IU Soccer also got a tough win (6th straight) over Ohio State. If they just split their last two games, currently having 10 wins and a top-10 ranking, the Hoosiers should be set for an at-large bid even if they don't win the Big Ten Tourney.

But it was a great weekend with IU Football making a nice comeback over a ranked opponent, and positioning itself to matter in the coming weeks. But those of you whispering about a bowl bid are reaching a little far, I think. Both Illinois and Iowa lost the games as much as IU won them. Don't expect the same from Ohio State or Michigan. IU's season will turn on the ability to beat both Michigan State or Purdue. I'd love to see it happen, but years of watching better programs have made me skeptical. Don't get me wrong, I think Hep is the best thing to happen to IU football since Bill Mallory, but it's the future that's bright, not so much this season.

IU basketball opened it's Midnight Madness, and while AJ Ratliff won the dunk contest (which is good, we need that kid having as much confidence as possible), the real news was the recruiting coup of getting Eric Gordon. Gordon's one of the best guards IU's ever recruited, up there with Damon Bailey, Steve Alford, and Isaiah Thomas in terms of potential. Some weeks ago, I said about the whole recruiting saga "There's been a lot brouhaha over the (un)ethics of recruiting of Eric Gordon, and I frankly just don't care. I think Sampson knows he's not going to get the kid, but wants to show the state he's willing to push the envelope to get Indiana kids."
Well, Sampson landed the big fish, and may get another one with top point guard Derrick Rose. If Rose and Gordon both come to IU next year, the Hoosiers may have a Freshmen backcourt.

But for an IU fan living in the Chicago area, last night's Bears game was a nice cherry on top. The best comment was by one of commentators (imagine!) when describing Brian Urlacher's impact and seeming ability to involved in every play; "No, what you don't understand is that there's two of him out there. One's playing middle-linebacker, and the other is wherever the ball is."
It really did seem like that. Who would've thought you could win a game down 20, and never have your QB touch the ball?


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