Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Good sports week:

1) The World Series is over, so I can finally stop suffering through baseball highlights on ESPN.

2) IU Men's Soccer bounced back from a loss at PSU to clinch the Big Ten Regular Season title with a win over Wisconsin, 1-0. This probably also clinches an at-large bid for the NCAA's, but it's probably best that IU just goes ahead and wins the title to make sure.

3) IU Football is riding high, and wallops a surprised MSU team. James Hardy and Kellen Lewis are finally on the same page, and that's big trouble for IU opponents. IU can get to a bowl, that's right, an actual bowl, with a win over Minnesota. Do it now, Hoosiers, don't make Purdue the game on which the season rests!

4) The Colts and Bears are both 7-0, my two favorite NFL teams. The Bears are more complete, but Peyton Manning is playing at a crazy level. You can see the flames coming off of his helmet. But as much as I'm a fan, the Colts can just not stop the run, and Bears need Grossman to not have an off game in the playoffs to win it all, which seems to be asking maybe too much.

Got to back to my grad schooling, so that's it for now...


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