Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quick notes:

Ben posts a good guide for what to do online if you've missed the big IU basketball game and want to catch up online. This anonymous blogger gets a nod there, and happily returns it to Ben himself. My only criticisms of Hoosierball is that he was first to the name, and that he doesn't post often enough. He did point out an IU blog I've not been following, the Bloomington newspaper's official IU blog, run by Chris Korman.

Over at ESPN, Mark Schlabach goes looking for the new Florida and finds... Georgia Tech?


Last year, Florida was coming off of a 24-8 season, an SEC Championship, and had lost 3 stars (David Lee, Matt Walsh, and Anthony Roberson). They were going to need multiple breakout seasons just to make the NCAA tourney (and got them, obviously). The situation just couldn't be more different. Georgia Tech, who went 11-17 last season, returns 6 of 7 top players and picked up a great recruiting class, headlined by probable starters 6-8 Thaddeus Young and 6-4 point guard Jarvis Crittendon. The Hornets have a good chance of making the Big Dance, but probably just as good of a chance of making the NIT. In any case, it's all well and good to herald the new Hornets, but tying a parallel to '06 Florida? Ree-diculous.

I will point a good and informative article on ESPN, tho, by Kyle Whelliston, "Nine Mid-Major Stars to Watch"
Great stuff as always.


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