Monday, December 11, 2006

Losing to Kentucky/ Power Poll

Like the Duke game, this was a tough effort that ended up in a "L." It is understandable given that we were playing on the road, but neither Kentucky nor Duke are at a very high level this year. It would've been nice to be able to get wins on their floors when we could.

Ben Allen was out with Mono (wonder how long he'll be out?) and Stemler could've used someone to play his role 'cause he was OFF. Just about everybody except DJ was, but playing at Kentucky will do that to you.

Good bright sides in the loss, only 11 turnovers, great offensive rebounding, solid defense, staying out of foul trouble, but it 's not a lot of comfort right now. IU needs to get some solid wins in if they want an at-large bid. And so far, they haven't really got any. They've got their first chance with SIU coming to town, who is pretty darn good. With this home game, we can see if this Indiana team is just a lovable NIT team, or a scrappy NCAA club who'll get more dangerous as the year goes on.

Big Ten Power Poll:

1. Wisconsin (9-1)
The Badgers were looking shaky, but a solid win at Marquette shows an ability to beat a good team in their own arena. A prerequisite for any Big Ten champ.

2. Ohio State (8-1)
Oden's back and the Buckeyes are looking really dangerous, but there's a lot that needs to be proven here in terms of solid Wins. The schedule tightens up for them from here on, culminating with a big game at Florida. We'll know more after that game.

3. Michigan State (9-2)
The already short-handed Spartans will be without Raymar Morgan and Maurice Joseph for the rest of the month, but a cupcake schedule should insulate them from any more losses during that time. Still can't figure out how they broke into the top 25 with a loss to Boston College.

4. Purdue (8-1)
The Boilers are shooting up the ranks. I'm still skeptical about them being good enough to get an at-large NCAA bid, but recent wins over Loyola and Missouri have probably cemented their status as a contender.

5. Illinois (9-2)

I watched them lose at Arizona, who they should've beat, except for their inability to operate their offense. I don't know if that will get better as they get healthier or not. Still waiting to see with this group.

6. Indiana (5-3)
I think they've got the right things going for them, but they just aren't winning the close ones.

7. Michigan (10-1)
Good record, but they looked horrible against the only decent opponent they've faced.
I'd say they're a lock for the NIT, but I'm still guessing they finish the Big Ten at .500 or worse.

8. Penn State (6-3)
Loss at cold-shooting Seton Hall seems to say that they're at the NIT level, not a NCAA tourney-bid level.

9. Northwestern (5-2)
Better than expected, but you still gotta expect them to waxed in conference road games.

10. Iowa (5-5)
Not good. Home loss to Northern Iowa means these Hawkeyes will probably be contending for the conference cellar.

11. Minnesota (4-7)
I'd said it was Monson's last year and within hours he resigned. I'd better watch my predictions about people's jobs in the future.


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