Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Spent precious minutes typing about IU's win over Lafayette, only to have my browser crash!
Come on!

Basically, I said that the play of the game was Erreck Suhr's taking a backcourt charge right after Wilmont had missed a couple of threes, with IU clinging to a 63-60 lead. The charge gave the ball back to IU, whereupon Suhr and Calloway patiently moved the defense until a spot opened up, and then Suhr doubled IU's lead. Another turnover, and Wilmont drains a three, and the rout began. The play of the game, and it didn't even show up in the box score.

Game ball to Earl Calloway, with 22 pts and 9 assists, and the Gang of .500* is abuzz with how quick Calloway is. But it was less his quickness than his size that got him the open 13-16 footers that carried IU just above the Lafayette tide. He's 6-3 being guarded by 6-footers (at best) and while that may sound not that significant, ask any 6-9 post player about guarding a 7-footer. But Calloway was in control tonight, which is a great sign for IU.

Also special mention goes to Wilmont. Every team needs a guy (and sometimes every team needs to bench a guy) who believes that his next shot is going in, even if he's missed two from the exact same spot just a minute ago. And Wilmont did get 5 steals to boot.

Allen showed a nice drop-step to the hoop, but the dude needs to work on catching passes. He could've had 10 points if he just had some hands.

Noone except Calloway had a real great night, but everyone showed both promise and areas of concern. Turnovers are a definite concern, and rebounding will be too any time that DJ's out with foul trouble again.

*my name for the sports newspress, as opposed to the Washington Insider Political media; "Gang of 500"


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