Thursday, January 11, 2007

Purdue gets waxed

By the hometown Hoosiers, 85-58. Yikes.

I Wish I could've seen it. Thanks, ESPNU!

But it looks like Coach Sampson is the guy we want at the helm. This Hoosier club appears to really be coming together and figuring out their roles. DJ's ability to get shots off seems to come and go, but his defense and passing have gotten pretty good.

And when Joey Shaw, AJ Ratliff, and Armon Bassett are hitting threes like that, IU's going to be pretty tough to beat at home.

A couple of notes of concern:

1) DJ's rebounding
He only got 3 rebounds again. I don't know if he's clearing the way for other guys to "go get it," or if it's a result of his shot-blocking, but he's being kept off the boards. We'll have to keep an eye on his rebounding in non-blowouts.

2) Joey Shaw fouls out again

Shaw does a great job of drawing fouls, he clearly has a great offensive game, and ability on the defensive end. Maybe because he's a freshmen he's getting picked on by the zebras, but as he gets better, we need him not to be in foul trouble every game.

3) Armon Bassett's hip

Bassett sat out most of the second half. Hopefully it doesn't hinder him too much, as he had really been coming on lately. It doesn't seem like much, but nagging injuries put an end to the effectiveness of both Damon Bailey and Tom Coverdale in their senior years.

But overall, I'm very happy. I'm glad Indiana is thumping Purdue in Assembly Hall, a Purdue team that has real postseason aspirations, even.

I just wish I could've seen it.


At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the game. IU looked extremely stroung fundamentally. I have pics in my blog.


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