Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A win is a win, right?

The 71-64 victory was just not a very satisfying game. IU was overwhelming Iowa so much for the first 32 minutes, it was getting kind of boring (don't get me wrong, I like). But the whole time, I knew Iowa would close the gap, this Hawkeye club seems to make pulling a close loss out from a blowout their trademark. And Iowa was so furious in their comeback, I was actually pretty surprised at the level of intensity they brought out of nowhere. Until the last 5 minutes, it seemed like Haluska was all on his own, fighting to get his club a little closer. But then they all were attacking, and surprisingly killed IU on the boards in the last 8 minutes (16-5). The turnovers and fouls I understood, but them owning us on the glass, I did not. Of course, Indiana helped them out with stupid fouls in the last couple of minutes, and got some slippery hands, but you can bet Sampson will have them working on that today. I hope Rod's twisted arm doesn't bother him much, as Wilmont was really coming on offensively. Btw, I love Rod and AJ's pump-fake-three, step-into-a-open 15-footer shot. I believe that was Cal Cheaney's signature move, and I've missed it.

I don't want delve too deeply into the first two dullest topics of blogging, but what is up with Brent Musburger? He seems to get more insane and more out of touch with each broadcast. When Steve Lavin's nasal whining is the voice you are preferring to listen to, something's wrong. And also what is up with officiating at Assembly Hall this season? I understand Iowa was behind the whole game, and maybe the refs didn't want it to seem like they were hosing Steve's squad, but every game it seems like a shot-clock violation call is just plain blown, and at least one charging call that's very obvious not only on the replay, but to all sitting in the building, goes the visitors' way. On the other hand, maybe it's just the refs balancing Suhr's Karma for calls that went his way earlier this season.

But kudos to DJ for an impressive all-around performance, and let's hope the guys around him snap out of this turnover-funk (granted, only 13, but it seemed like more) by Saturday's game at UConn. Connecticut is vulnerable, and a road win there would really shoot Indiana up the Bracket rankings. If IU can get back to its rebounding and turnover-free ways, the Hoosiers could be really troublesome for the Huskies.

For all the Statwonks out there:

Big Ten Wonk has posted the season's first conference tempo-free stats.

Kyle Whelliston's Mid-Majority report is required reading, especially the stat breakdowns.

And it would be ridiculous not to mention Ken Pomeroy's Stats page, as well as his RPI and "Pomeroy ratings."


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