Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wisconsin-Indiana tonight!

I created a shoot-off blog, Hoosier Fun Ball Ratings, to contain my HPER ratings system (now complete through 1/28).

I watched the second half of the MSU-Illinois game. An ugly affair that Illinois prevailed despite their best efforts. What was with that cornerback blitz by Frazier on Travis Walton as Walton was trying to call a TO? Chester Frazier had a good game on the offensive end, but a terrible game on the defensive end, nearly being DQ'ed on stupid fouls. Illinois got a good RPI win, and will have an easy back-end schedule, but if they keep playing like this, they won't win a single road game.

Here's a good article here on Michigan basketball, the money quote:

"Yet, amazingly, Amaker's job security is probably stronger today than at any other point in his six years in Ann Arbor. That tells you all you need to know. Michigan considers basketball a waste of time."

Kyle Whelliston has a good preview of the Bracketbuster match-ups. I think that the most meaningful game for an at-large bid is probably Ohio at New Mexico State, but SIU at Butler will probably be the best game. Northern Iowa just got hosed, having to travel to Nevada to in-all-likelihood receive a non-conference pasting. Kyle gets bonus points for use of the word "laggard."

Wisconsin takes on Indiana tonight. This is the biggest game that Hoosier fans will see all year. It's gonna be tough. Sampson has built a Wisconsin-like team in Bloomington, but Bo Ryan has never had a better team.
A red-white match-up extraordinaire!

Indiana's been shooting threes pretty well, and that's one thing that can really bust the Badger's Defense, but IU's got to shut them down a little on the defensive end as well. We may see some zone again from the Hoosiers, in an attempt to try to get Ryan's time firing from the outside.

One guy noone talks about on the Badgers is point guard Michael Flowers. He's not the best point guard in the conference, but he's in the mix with Calloway and Travis Walton for second-best. On the other hand, noone is talking about the Big Ten season that AJ Ratliff is having, just unbelievable. We could really use him being on top of his game tonight.

Go Hoosiers.


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