Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Must Win time for Indiana

The game on Wednesday night at Northwestern is now a "Must-Win" for Indiana. Which is not the way that IU has played the last three times I watched them get beat in Welsh-Ryan arena. If they play like they have to win, even without Earl Calloway, they should grind out a solid road win. Calloway might be back for NU, as likely Sampson didn't want him hurt in a last game against the rough Spartans. Terry from the IndyStar sums up a lot of our problems

I watched that loss with a MSU alum (Jeff) and a Purdue alum (Tony), which honestly was the way to watch it, 'cause instead of me & Jeff fuming at the TV on our own, we just made fun of each other when the Sparties played like idiots in the first half, and then when IU played stupid in the second half. I said in my last post This could really go either way. Either MSU has a let-down and allows IU the chance to steal one on the road, or they play with huge confidence and Indiana gets shellacked for its worst loss of year. Well, both happened. MSU had a let-down in the first half (at one point late in the half they had 15 points and 13 turnovers) and then Nietzel played with confidence and hit some huge threes while IU coughed up the ball and got pasted with a bunch of fouls on the way to their worst second half yet.

If IU doesn't win against NU, they'll have to prove something in the Conference tourney to get into the NCAA's. But they should win at NU and in their final home game. One thing I don't like is all this BS about the Big Ten only getting 3 or 4 bids, while much-less impressive teams with far worse numbers (I'm looking at you, USC and Stanford) are considered "in" while Illinois and /or Purdue are out. What? The Big Ten deserves Six bids, not that it's the Big 10's year to make any noise once they are there, but they deserve to be there. I expect that five will get in, but there's too much name-game going on right now with the ESPMSM.

Looking at the Recruits for next year, and while IU, Purdue, OSU, and MSU all got good classes, Eric Gordon
looks awesome here, and like he has the skills to make us better on the wing instantly. Wow.


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