Thursday, March 01, 2007

A win is a win, right? Pt. 2

My strategy worked! Without me sitting in Welsh-Ryan arena, Northwestern lost! I did watch the second half on tv. Couldn't stay away.

The Hoosiers walked away a winner, with a great performance by Rod Wilmont to thank, but they need some capable guard play. Without Calloway's back to form (altho' it was good to see him playing), IU just keeps trying to give games away. But give NU credit, they hustled and scrapped and went down fighting in their last home game. The Wildcats just don't have the defense to shut anyone down, and they had to choose between letting DJ operate inside or letting IU shoot threes. IU shot 32 threes.

Sampson clearly doesn't trust Bassett to bring the ball up late in the game, which is too bad as he was the only one really able to bust NU's traps. Another reason we need Calloway back. Bassett's got the skills to run point, and should do fine next year, but he just needs some offseason perspective to get used to his role (pass first, shoot second).

One more game left in the season. Go Hoosiers!


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