Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Way-too-Early 2007-2008 NCAA Men's Top 50

1. UCLA [Pac 10 Champs]
2. North Carolina [ACC Champs]
3. Louisville [Big East Champs]
4. Memphis [CUSA Champs]
5. Kansas [Big 12 Champs] (w/Brandon Rush)
6. Tennessee [SEC Champs]
7. Indiana [Big 10 Champs]
8. Washington State [Pac 10]
9. Michigan State [Big 10]
10. Georgia Tech [ACC] (W/Thaddeus Young & Javaris Crittendon)
11. Oregon [Pac 10]
12. Marquette [Big East] (w/Dominic James)
13. Southern Illinois [MVC Champs]
14. Texas A&M [Big 12](w/Joseph Jones)
15. Clemson [ACC] (w/James Mays)
16. Arkansas [SEC]
17. Ohio State [Big 10] (w/Daequan Cook)
18. Virginia [ACC] (w/Sean Singletary)
19. New Mexico state [WAC Champs]
20. Stanford [Pac 10]
21. Butler [HOR Champs]
22. Mississippi State [SEC]
23. Davidson [Southern Champs]
24. Illinois [Big 10] (w/ Shaun Pruitt)
25. Gonzaga [WCC Champs]
26. Connecticut [Big East]
27. George Mason [CAA Champs]
28. Western Kentucky [Sun Belt Champs]
29. Western Michigan [MAC Champs]
30. San Diego State [MWC Champs]
31. Virginia Commonwealth [CAA]
32. Pittsburgh [Big East]
33. Florida [SEC]
34. Wisconsin [Big 10]
35. North Carolina State [ACC]
36. Auburn [SEC]
37. Kansas State [Big 12]
38. Fresno State [WAC] (w/Dominic McGuire)
39. Syracuse [Big East]
40. Wyoming [MWC]
41. Georgia [SEC]
42. Southern California [Pac 10] (w/Gabe Pruitt)
43. Minnesota [Big 10]
44. Northern Iowa [MVC]
45. Kent State [MAC]
46. Alabama [SEC]
47. Missouri [Big 12]
48. Duke [ACC]
49. UAB [CUSA]
50. Providence [Big East]

I've obviously made some assumptions here about who's back and who isn't. I've tried to note that when relevant. I don't believe these kids will return as their draft position is just too high right now: Mike Conley Jr. of Ohio State, Jeff Green & Roy Hibbert of Georgetown, Julian Wright of Kansas, Brandan Wright of UNC, Spencer Hawes of Washington, and Wilson Chandler of DePaul. A good list of who's signed an agent (& therefore not coming back) is here.
The only reason I think Brandon Rush may be coming back is that Corey Brewer, Aaron Afflalo, Marcus Williams, and Nick Young are all ahead of him, and seniors Morris Almond & Alando Tucker are at least even with him, as are foreigners Rudy Fernandez (Spain) and Marco Bellini (Italy). That makes him a late first-rounder or even a mid-second rounder, and he's got some family who should be whispering in his ear that a chance at a Final Four is much more fun than a year in the NBDL. Georgia Tech looks the most vulnerable of these 50 to the NBA Draft as both Crittendon and Young could be first-rounders. It really just depends on their workouts.


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