Friday, March 30, 2007

Stupid Off-the-Cuff Predictions!

UCLA will beat Florida!
Florida's the best team, but Corey Brewer can't guard both Josh Shipp and Aaron Afflalo. One of the two will abuse Lee "Humpty" Humphrey, and Mata & Moute's interior trapping defense will keep Florida shooting deep threes, and this one time I'm betting the shots don't go down.

Ohio State will beat Georgetown!
Because Matta's a sharp coach, he'll do enough to keep Oden safe (zone, maybe) & perhaps he deploys both Oden and the slippery shot-blocker Othello Hunter on the floor together at the same time. While the Hoyas had a great win on spectacular shooting against UNC, Oden will keep Hibbert from scoring with ease in the post during the stretch runs, and Conley should terrorize a solid Hoya backcourt on both sides of the ball.

UCLA will beat Ohio State!
In an ugly game that noone wants to watch ever again, the best defense will carry the day. OSU has been comparing themselves to the Fab Five a lot, who are possibly the NCAA's most famous never-won-a-darn-thing group (No NCAA titles, No Conference titles). Greg Oden & Mike Conley will go pro, Daequan Cook will test the waters but return, and OSU's very good recruiting class for next year will keep the Buckeyes still in the Big Ten's top title competitors for 2008.

Given my recent prognostication skills, look for none of these things to happen.


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