Thursday, March 08, 2007

No real time to update

Work and life are getting in the way of my blogging! How ridiculous!

Anyway, the Big Ten tourney begins, hopefully I'll have more to say about it tomorrow. In the meantime, here's the Season-End defensive efficiency stats for conference games only:

1. Ohio State .2341
2. Wisconsin .2467
3. Purdue .3076
4. Michigan State .3115
5. Illinois .3441
6. Michigan .4289
7. Indiana .4336
8. Iowa .4575
9. Minnesota .5351
10. Penn State .6457
11. Northwestern .7224

Purdue surprises here, largely succeeding due to their ability to force turnovers. Indiana slips to 7th, staying squarely in mediocrity. Minnesota drops back to 9th, and Illinois drops back to 5th, perhaps due to losing two players. Also, Wisconsin tuned up its defense.
I wouldn't be surprised to see the Badgers get the Big Ten Tourney title. But I've gotta hope...

Go Hoosiers!


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