Friday, March 16, 2007

As I thought

In the first half, IU ran & gunned it with Gonzaga, in the second half they made an effort to go to DJ, and pulled away late. DJ was a wrecking ball inside, getting a lot of deflections and good rebounds. I think a lot of those easy shots that were missed by Gonzaga had something to do with a couple of the vicious blocks that DJ served up.

Wilmont's shooting, helps of course. It's always easier to run your offense with the pressure off and the defense stretched by some hot-shooting wing.

So, IU goes on to face UCLA. I think the Hoosiers match-up pretty well with the Bruins, and maybe Kelvin should even throw some zone in there at times to mess with them. Hopefully, it's some sort of zone that pays attention to shooters, 'cause UCLA is a Perimeter team, but the Bruins don't hit the offensive glass that hard, which has been a weak spot for the Hoosiers. Also, hopefully the sloppy turnovers are out of IU's system after last night, and Sampson will have his guys executing. Of any 1 or 2-seed, this may be one of the best draws for the cream and crimson.

Go Hoosiers!


At 2:18 PM, Blogger Tittle500 said...

the @ Sacramento thing scares me...

but I'm feeling good about tomorrow night...


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