Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bracket madness!

My "vote-your-hopes" bracket is doing okay. Not terrible, not great, but okay.
Indiana's out of course, and shockingly Wisconsin is as well.

I posted the final Hper stats in a sort of readable form on the other blog finally.

The big question for Indiana becomes will DJ White stay or go. Most expect him to stay, and the highest projection I could find for him was 32nd overall, but he could well go undrafted without a rally great camp performance. What he had to say about it certainly wasn't calming, but also made sense, too. Terry Hutchens considers whether DJ 'll go, and Oden and probably Mike Conley look like locks to go this year as well.

I went back and looked what I had to say about the Big Ten teams in October and the Top 25 and outliers in November, and I gotta say I feel pretty good about it all.

Biggest disappointments:
NCAA: Louisiana State, Syracuse, Air Force, Gonzaga, George Mason
Big Ten: Penn State, Illinois

Pleasant Surprises:
NCAA: Tennessee, UNLV, Southern Cal., Butler, Vanderbilt
Big Ten: Michigan State, Purdue


At 8:42 PM, Blogger The Taco From Indiana said...

Well I slipped all the way down to 9th.

But I am tied w/ Steve and STILL ahead of Devin.

BTW, did anyone catch the bracket skit on SNL this week? Yeah I know I am old and married and watch SNL on the weekends. Kinda funny but true. They had some sport's programs top two brackets. The first one was an announcer w/ years of experience, the other some goofy girl who made all her picks based on
cuteness of uniforms and stuff like that. Funny b/c it is true.

At 6:55 AM, Blogger Indiana Fan said...

I'll check it out.

My bracket is busted. It was a terrible year to think I knew anything about basketball.


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