Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lazy Summer days

At least, that's what I hope is in store for me after a busy summer school/work schedule. But on to Sports!

IU Soccer is not only rated #8 in the nation, but also has the #2 ranked recruiting class. Hopefully, a couple of the Star frosh forwards can give the Hoosiers someone who can finish their chances, something that's been a little weak in the past couple of years, and probably the only thing separating this club from other championship-caliber clubs.

The basketball recruits, #2 in the nation, have been in action on a barnstorming tour. The competition isn't tight, but the recruits do look good. Especially good to see is Jamarcus Ellis' passing ability and handles. He looks like a good second or third option at point, but he's also a terror on the glass. Combine him with an eligible Eli Holman, a DeAndre Thomas that's rounding into shape, and underrated Brandon McGee and Jordan Crawford, as well as a healed Lance Stemler (who, when healthy, deserves a starting spot) and then throw in Eric Gordon and a DJ White who was the US's best player at the Pan Am Games. There's certainly a roster with final-four level talent, and whatever you want to say about Sampson's post-season record, he has been to the Final Four before. I think the key is going to be Armon Bassett.

According to DJ, Armon is emerging in confidence and leadership, but he's still going to be young and playing a new position. Armon's problems in the five-game stretch where he took over point had nothing to do with a lack of skill, only with the predictable over-dribbling, and over-penetrating without creating. Hopefully, the offseason will give Armon a chance to learn how run an offense, because if run correctly, next year's Hoosier offense could be even better than last year's conference-topper.

Football training's started, and best of luck to the Hoosiers, but I honestly don't pay much attention to football. Outside of "Waterboy." Man, I love that movie.


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