Friday, June 15, 2007

Spurs Sweep!

It looks like the LeBron vs. Jordan silliness has quieted down, at least for another season.
I watched only bits and parts of this series, but to me it looked pretty simple. The Spurs had a vicious defense. The Cavs don't have a defense anywhere near championship caliber. They've got hustle, but they don't even have offensive balance. It merely confirmed my thinking that Cleveland had been more "lucky than good" in upsetting Detroit.

I'm looking at who's coming back and who's not before making revisions on next year's NCAA field, which I'll post next week. There's been a lot of movement in the Men's basketball over the last month, and some very surprising decisions (Roy Hibbert coming back to Georgetown being tops on the list).

Indiana Basketball fans gotta be wondering about next year's incoming big men. Is DeAndre Thomas (reportedly over 300 pounds) going to be able to get into playing shape by the Big Ten season? Will Eli Holman qualify academically? And what's 2008 recruit 6-8 Devin Ebanks' choice- Rutgers or Indiana?


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