Monday, May 07, 2007

NBA Playoffs

Four NBA playoff Series underway:

Suns-Spurs (Spurs 1-0)
This is the new "who'll go on to win it all" series. And the Suns are in trouble after dropping the homecourt advantage to the Spurs. If the Spurs take Game 2, it's over (they won't). The Suns have to win both Game 2 and steal one in San Antonio to win, and I've a real hard time seeing that happening.

Jazz-Warriors (0-0)
Anybody who put money on these two teams facing each other is probably both insane and now rich. So I've got no idea who might come out the winner here, but I'm pretty sure whoever does falls to the Suns or Spurs in the conference Championship.

Cavs-Nets (Cavs 1-0)
The Cavs have homecourt advantage, but I am just not a believer in King James as a MVP yet. He's a great player, but he needs to get more consistent with his outside jumper and learn how to take over on the road. I think if the Cavs lose Game 2, they'll be in real trouble, but otherwise they're probably fine as Jason Kidd's aging and Vince Carter's just not a winner.

Bulls-Pistons (Pistons 1-0)
The Bulls demolished the Heat with sudden ease, but the Pistons are made them look bad in Game 1. The Pistons have purpose and too many mismatches to take advantage of. Detroit's usual mismatch- Tayshaun Prince- will have his hands full with rising star Luol Deng, and Hinrich and Gordon should eventually rise to Hamilton and Billups' challenge, but unless Rasheed Wallace melts down at some point, this is a seven-game series that sees Detroit advancing into the conference finals (experience before beauty) and then to the NBA Championship.

That's how I see it.


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