Tuesday, May 22, 2007

NBA Finals: It's Over

I've been pleasantly surprised by how tough Deron Williams has made the Jazz (well, that & a good dose of a healthy AK-47) but I think the Spurs are a lock now. The Spurs always seem to get at least one game on the road, so they never seem to mind dropping one at home. I don't even think that they will drop one at home to Utah, who think they've discovered a weakness in the SA defense, but it's my read that the fourth-quarter let-down in game 1 had more to do with Utah finally putting an end to the Spurs lay-up drill and taking it hard to the hoop on the offense. San Antonio has had time to rest and adjust, and will make rotational shifts to draw more charges in game 2. I wouldn't be shocked to see Deron Williams in foul trouble throughout game 2. Spurs in 5.

Bron-Bron fell in a tough game 1 to the Pistons, but the Pistons are still sleepwalking through the East. King James is rapidly approaching Kobe for my least favorite superstar in terms of being a guy that creates all the contact and still always gets the whistle blown on the defender. With the Pistons having homecourt and likely to win at least one in Cleveland, this looks like a 5-game series to me, too. Frankly, this series is a lot less interesting to me than the Spurs-Jazz series.

Both the Bulls and Pacers have quite a bit that could go wrong or right for them in the Lottery tonight. Here's finger-crossing in hopes that it falls well for both of them.


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