Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Still alive, still watching basketball

And by "watching" I mean stacking games up on my dvr. More like paying attention to the gamecasts while tapping away like a fat pigeon on my thesis. I look forward to a time when I can return to the Big Ten Basketball conversation with stats and arguments and theoretical approaches.

I did get Michigan State correct (yay me!) as well as UNC and in one bracket even got UConn. But my bracket where anything was at stake had Pittsburgh and Memphis. I can still do okay given that I have UNC beating MSU for the championship, which I think looks like a pretty good scenario. But this was not a year that I was particularly well-informed about college basketball.

In IU news, I see Malik Story transferred. It's too bad, but maybe for the best. He provided a lot of depth for the Hoosiers this year, see action at all spots from point guard to power forward. He probably even played center at some point this season. And he was one of the few players who could really create plays and wasn't afraid to look for his shot. The downside of that was Story was a fairly poor shooter (36.5% FG overall, 24.6% on threes, and 58.9% on FTs), below average in every category even on *this* team. And he had a lot of turnovers. But I wish him well in his new school.


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