Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Congrats, Carolina

Since Tyler Hansbrough enrolled, the 'Heels have been a constant title threat. It would've seemed wrong, in a way, if Lawson and Hansbrough had left without a title. That said, I was rooting *against* my bracket for MSU, and was sorry to see them get left in the wreckage that followed UNC's path of destruction.

Carolina fans must've remarked to themselves, "Waaahlll, those thar Tarheels done went through the turnipment lahk Sherman through Jawjaw!"

I keed. My own gene pool filled is filled with sparkling Appalachian.

Seriously, UNC was just the way better team. I was just happy that the Big Ten acquitted itself well enough. 9-6 overall, I think, in the Big Dance, and 5-1 in the NIT due to Penn State's win. The ACC and Big East were probably stronger conferences this year, but the Big Ten at least belonged in the top three. And with most of the conference's talent expected to return plus a number of very good recruiting classes, the Big Ten may have a great shot returning to the top next year. However, this makes Crean's job even harder next year, and although there'll be considerably more talent on hand next year, don't be surprised at another lower division finish. At least the Hoosiers likely won't be dead last next season.


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