Thursday, October 29, 2009

Changes, and Poll reax

The the ESPN/USA Today basketball poll is out. I am shocked, shocked! that I don't see the Hoosiers anywhere. I was actually surprised at how close I was some of the rankings- for example, I thought I would be the only one listing Butler as a top ten. Guess I'm not a unique snowflake after all. I am a little mystified at Texas & UNC as #3 and #4. Um, the Big Ten does pretty well-

#2 Michigan State
#7 Purdue
#15 Michigan
#17 Ohio State
#18 Minnesota
#27 Illinois

From here, I think Illinois and OSU are a bit over-rated, and Northwestern is a bit underrated.

I made some changes on the links section of the blog. It was getting kind of ridiculous for me to have to click through two sites to check out the latest from Crimson Quarry or The Only Colors. And some blogs had passed on, and needed to be replaced with more current commentary. Speaking of other bloggers, Inside the Hall is asking for some help. Even though they don't link to me (and I haven't asked), I suggest that if you like reading sportsblogs and have a couple of bucks to give back, they're a good venue as they pay for access to resources so they can share the knowledge and keep us fans up-to-date on the latest scuttlebutt. Also, they have a nice Q&A with the Godfather of tempo-free stats.


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