Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fingers crossed for a Hoosier turnaround

Falling to Boston was inexcusable, not so much losing to possible NCAA team as the poor shooting, a late collapse, and particularly the getting totally out-rebounded is really shameful. I think maybe Watford needs a seat on the bench for a little bit, as at least Elston can hit the glass.

I certainly didn't expect IU to beat Purdue in the bucket game, but I'm sorry it didn't happen for the Hoosiers. Great season guys, it was supposed to be a bit of rebuilding year, and you almost -on so many occasions- pulled out a winning record. Hard work eventually pays off, so keep at it, gentlemen!

Here's hoping that Sunday brings a couple of Hoosier victories, IU Soccer over Butler and IU basketball over George Mason. Go Hoosiers!


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