Monday, November 16, 2009

USC-Upstate Preview, Weekend Recap

So, how 'bout that Bill Belichick?

What I especially liked what SportsCenter having Merril Hoge defend Belichick's call as "brilliant" because.... Belichick is awesome? Seriously, that was the argument. Uh, Bobby Knight was a genius of a basketball coach in his day, but who's going to argue he never made any mistakes? The man has my respect as a winner (and my disrespect as a cheater) but Belichick screwed up a game his team had won, and that's all. Hey, I was happy to see the Colts capitalize, but they got lucky.

Um, the weekend saw most Big Ten teams roll over their opponents, the notable exception being Iowa. My goodness, they're in for a rough season. The bright spot for the conference was Manny Harris' triple-double, which he completed in 29 minutes. In case you were wondering, Evan Turner played 30 minutes in his season-opening triple-double. The conference has some serious talent this season. Which is both good and bad for the Hoosiers.

Speaking of, game 2 tips off tonight against South Carolina-Upstate. I mean no disrespect, but I try to keep abreast of who's joining D-I, and I can't remember them at all. It would appear this is their third D-I season. Anyway, it does look like they'll be tougher than Howard as they return a better team and have better recruits. But they won't be that much tougher than Howard. Again, if this is not a blowout, then it is cause for serious concern.

Tonight, I'll be watching for how the Hoosiers attack 7-3 shotblocker Nick Schneiders. Go Hoosiers!


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