Monday, November 30, 2009

Long tough weekend

It was rough, but I've come through it. Sickness, deadlines, and a funeral. Not the most fun holiday I've experienced. But, y'know, it was what it was. And, just one more week (or so) of deadlines and I actually get to start watching the basketball I'm DVRing.

IU Men's Soccer lost at UNC, which is not surprising, but a even a sweet sixteen finish only raised the Hoosiers to a 12-10-1 overall record, and the offense had real problems. Is Freitag's job safe? Is he capable of getting the Hoosiers back to being a consistent championship challenger with his own recruits? I don't know. If former Hoosier and current Akron coach Caleb Porter wins the championship and sets the division I record with 25 consecutive wins, he should probably get a long look as the new direction for the Hoosiers. I'll be rooting for Akron from here on out in the tourney.

IU Men's basketball snapped their three-game losing streak with a win over the Northwestern State Demon Deacons, who I actually literally bumped into at Nick's. I was struck by how tall they weren't, as a team. A much stiffer challenge awaits the Hoosiers at home when Maryland comes to town. I'd love to see the Hoosiers get this one, but I think Vasquez and Hayes will carve up any zone that Crean might throw at them. Best go man-to-man in this one, methinks. If IU can notch the upset -yes, UM looks vulnerable, but it still would be an upset- then I think the Big Ten has an excellent chance of finally nudging out the ACC for the first Challenge victory. It's a big If, tho, and the Big Ten had a pretty spotty weekend going into this. Still, I'll be rooting for the Big Ten this week.


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