Thursday, February 04, 2010

Beat Purdue

Hey, young Hoosiers. You want to know one good way to build national recognition and create a buzz around the program to lure in new recruits?

Beat a Final Four contender* in a nationally televised game in a rocking Assembly Hall.

It's as simple as that. These young Hoosiers have played well at times, but they need to do a very good job of all things that they've either done very well or very poorly: rebounding, not turning the ball over, and just plain ol' shooting the ball.

The Hoosiers are a dangerous team, to themselves as well as others. Let's hope they're really dangerous to Purdue tonight. It'd be a great momentum-builder, and of course, just lovely to see Purdue lose. They won't go down easy, but it'd be great to see.

Go Hoosiers!

*Anyone who doesn't think Purdue isn't a Final Four contender this season didn't see them absolutely dismantle West Virginia. That was impressive.