Thursday, January 14, 2010

Indiana visits Michigan

...and will be a long shot. Even though Indiana won ever so recently, the margin for error was pretty narrow, and the Hoosiers showed at OSU that they're not quite used to the harsh lights of other Big Ten arenas. But we'll get a glimpse of how fast they learn, at least against a team that we all now know they can beat. Michigan has played much better recently, despite a late-game collapse at home against Northwestern which should ensure they'll be pumped to play to the Hoosiers, they knocked off Ohio State (who now looks unstoppable) and beat Penn State on the road. But that's nothing compared to how Pittsburgh has played since the Hoosiers beat the Panthers on a neutral floor. With Dixon back up to speed and Gilbert Brown back on the court, it seems that the Hoosiers might have a hard time replicating that feat. Pitt is undefeated in the Big East, winning at Syracuse, Cincinnati, and most recently at UConn.

Still, the Hoosiers are a dangerous team, if to themselves most of all. They've definitely improved from last year, but the turnover rate has got to come down, significantly.

It looks like center Greg Echenique has chosen Creighton for his next destination. It's too bad, the Hoosiers really need a shot-blocker and glass-eater inside. But maybe the interior play will be addressed if Crean actually starts going big with Elston & Watford in the line-up. It'd be nice to see some variation at least.


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