Saturday, January 02, 2010


Big Ten Geeks mentioned that the Big Ten has a pretty good all-inactive team, so I thought I'd make fill out the second-team as well:

Kevin Coble (NU)
Evan Turner (OSU)
Royce White (Minn.)
Maurice Creek (Ind)
Lewis Jackson (PU)

Trevor Mbakwe (Minn.)
Jeff Ryan (NU)
Ben Cronin (Mich)
Matt Roth (IU)
Anthony Tucker (Iowa)

Anybody missing?

Alex Legion & Walter Offutt recently transferred, but they'd not really contributed very much to this point for their teams- so, no big. That first five alone should be a lock for the NCAA's all by themselves. Throw in a decent center and this is a ranked team, possibly a final four contender.

Anyway, Tucker, Mbakwe, and Cronin may not be back ever, and while Turner and White are practicing again, the rest are likely out for the year. The Big Ten is still quite good, but there's a few reasons why it's not quite as good as expected. The upside is, the conference should be pretty strong again next season.


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