Monday, December 14, 2009

Pitt goes down, but Kentucky too much

I see that I was right about Pitt- Good for the Hoosiers! However, a little of the shine has come off after watching a very good game and a half by the young Hoosiers followed by them getting literally man-handled in the second half at home against Kentucky. It's just rough when they can get Cousins and Orton saddled with 9 fouls, and the Wildcats can still have Patterson and Perry Stevenson on the floor. Patterson and Cousins were too much for our guys- I like Pritchard and Capobianco's ability to hit the offensive glass, and Elston & Watford's ability to hit both the defensive and offensive boards- but they were no match. IU really needs Watford to develop or they need another big man if they're going to compete with the elite.

There were some good things that I have to mention, tho:

1) Maurice Creek- following up Verdell Jones' nice performance against Pitt, Creek dropped in 31 against Kentucky, and it honestly could've been more. The Hoosier offense is returning.

2) Jeremiah Rivers- Indiana only coughed up the ball 9 times against UK's pressure, and a lot of that had to do with Rivers. That kid can compete with anybody. He's still a little too loose with the ball and far too unsteady at scoring, but he's good, as evidenced by his 8 assists and no-way-it-was-just-1 turnover stat line.

3)Devan Dumes- yes, that's right. Dumes is obviously starting to get back up to speed, and his ability to bang and play defense in the paint is something the Hoosiers need. He just causes havoc when the other team tries to get the ball inside, and his stroke is starting to come back. And he boxed out and got IU's first put-back at the half-time buzzer to cut the Wildcat lead to one. His shot selection and passing still leave a bit to be desired, but I'm no longer fearful when he's on the floor.

It's disappointing when a team is obviously more talented than you, I mean, the Hoosiers win maybe -maybe- 1 out of 10 ten games they play against UK. But they scrapped, never gave up, and showed they've got some talent. IU is coming back, and it's good to see.

In other news, Akron lost the National Championship to Virginia on PKs. What this means for IU's coaching situation? I have no idea.


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