Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fred Glass & IU Soccer: a plea

After posting here and there and seeing the surprisingly vibrant debate that has started around the chatboards, I'm a little disturbed to see how many Hoosier fans think "the fix is in" and the way is being cleared for Todd Yeagley to take over his dad's former position as coach. I'm not sure what it is about the living in the State of Indiana makes people so conspiracy-minded, but I'll actually be saddened if the gloomy gus's turn out to be correct.

So, while I know there's only a couple of folks that read this blog, as twenty-season-plus die-hard IU Soccer fan, I am openly imploring Glass to go get Porter or Trask. Yes, if Porter succeeded, it would mean that Todd Yeagley might never get a shot at succeeding his father, and I think that's perhaps a good thing for him personally and for IU Soccer. It would just be unfair to put Todd into a position where he would be constantly and unfavorably compared to perhaps the greatest coach college soccer has ever seen. Bad for everybody, and it would damage the thus-far-pristine Indiana Soccer brand.

An apology to Freitag for the timing and an open appreciation of his years of service wouldn't cost him anything and might heal some wounds, too.


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