Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What is this, 1995?

Penny and Shaq are going to be playing together for a title contender in Florida? I guess Penny's coming back with the Heat, and Wade's on board with it (although having a chance to get a competent point guard would make anyone get on board).

Evidently, NBA comebacks are all the rage. Charles Oakley and Allan Houston are making noises about doing it, and even Reggie Miller is reportedly entertaining the idea of a comeback with Boston.

Evidently, everyone's big on PAC-10 basketball next year. And I think it will be a good league, but I also suspect it's getting considerably over-hyped. USC as a final four team? Puh-lease. They return 1 starter- 3 rotation players total, and while Tim Floyd has captured a very good recruiting class, I think that OJ Mayo's going to end up a lot more like Felipe Lopez than Mike Conley. And while Davon Jefferson could equal Daequan Cook, there's no Greg Oden here. This is not the new Ohio State.

In fact, in a decent conference, after losing 4 starters from a club that had 12 losses last season, I see USC as a bubble team, and if I had to put money on it, I'd put it on the side of them not making the Big Dance next March. I'd guess Arizona beats out USC and Washington for the fifth and final PAC-10 spot in the NCAA's.


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