Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A DVR makes watching sports different

I've certainly appreciated the fall sports line-up, but for some reason the Women's World Cup really captured my attention. The surprising sub of Brianna Scurry, Hope Solo blowing up thanks in part to the US's PR guy, the utter thumping received at the feet of Marta and the Brazilians (Marta -wow! brilliant) and the US's strong bounce back against Norway. However, even at this late date, I don't know who won the final. I'll probably know tomorrow morning, but ever since I got a DVR, taping sports has meant that I really watch the whole game, studying it intently, instead of just catching a few minutes. I've not been watching much football, passing glimpses and the highlights are fine (and I'll get to all that in a minute), but games I love -soccer and basketball- I suspect I could just fill up my DVR and watch all day. If it takes me this long to watch a handful of soccer games, I'm going to be in real trouble when College basketball season starts.

Indiana soccer has bounced back nicely after back-to-back losses, just now downing UIC to raise their record to 6-3-1. It seems a lot like the 92-93 squad, which has a lot of talent, but just can't seem to generate good goal-scoring opportunities like they should be. I think they're as good as anybody, but I worry about this Hoosier squad's consistency.

Indiana football is 4-1, but once again believing in a bowl berth before getting into the backstretch of the schedule is setting oneself up for another broken heart. Is the performance against Iowa or the performance against Illinois the aberration? Neither one is a standard-bearer in the Big Ten, so I suppose it doesn't matter much.

The Colts are 4-0, but are starting to get banged up. Still, the Colts continue look like a title contender again. Still seems weird to say stuff like that, somehow.

Speaking of title contenders, the Bears are not looking anything like last season's team. And help isn't on the way. How about Griese throwing 3 INT's in a sad loss to Detroit, and still beating Rex's passing rating by 23.1? Yuk.

College ball is coming back. I've got my final predicted 65, I'll try to get my thoughts on what I like and don't about each team before the games begin. But I've got to finish the second half of Germany vs. Brazil.


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