Thursday, February 11, 2010

Endless February Mondays

My wife just asked me "Doesn't it feel like Friday?" and I answered "I don't know what day it feels like." But that's not true. It feels like today is Monday, tomorrow will be Monday, and the day after that will be Monday.... ad infinitum.

You could take this to mean that this long-time Hoosier fan is getting dispirited about the current streak of bad news for Indiana teams. But no, not really- without getting too personal, I just feel like I've got an endless amount of things to think about, prepare for, and accomplish academically, professionally, and personally. And the massive snowstorm making the Midwest a snowy hellscape isn't unusual for February (especially in an El Nino year), it's not like it's putting a spring in my step either. Good news from sports usually cheers me up and bad news brings me down, but I actually haven't even been able to get really bummed by the young Hoosier's losing streak (the last vs. four NCAA-worthy teams) or the Colts' loss in the Superbowl (hey, they made it there)- really, what's to complain about?

I know some of you Indiana loyalists are probably getting down, and unfortunately the remaining schedule suggests that IU basketball games probably will not bring you a lot of cheer, but 1) you're not alone and 2) look to the future. I really think Verdell Jones is a leader in the making and Christian Watford and Maurice Creek will give the Hoosiers a nice 1-2-3 next year. And if any of you care about IU soccer, Todd Yeagley just brought in another good recruiting class. I'm actually pretty interested to see how Todd does with this class and Freitag's starters next fall.

In the meantime, there's plenty else to think about in life. Like... oh crud, Valentine's day is this weekend- I gotta go!


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