Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time for a rally!

I'm feeling the wheels spinning, and the IU men's basketball team cannot get un-mired from its lack of momentum. It's been a rough stretch, facing three Final Four contenders at home, and facing four NCAA hopefuls on the road. That flat loss to Iowa came at exactly the wrong time, though. I've been contending that IU will snap out of it and split their last four games, but they really need to find a spark to be able to do that and build any momentum going into next season. I gotta say, I've been particularly frustrated with Jones & Watford just displaying some bad defense at times, but staying on the floor. Give 'em the hook if they won't move their feet, coach. We're losing anyway.

It looks like Jordan Hulls may have the inside track to starting at point next year, as Crean's evidently now contending that his lead guards have to be able to hit the three, and Rivers just can't shoot outside of 15 feet. IU is courting late riser 6-9 Moses Abraham, who is every bit the bruiser and shot-blocker that the Hoosiers so desperately need in the middle. A lot of other good programs are recruiting him too, so let's hope the promise of possible instant PT lures him to Bton. Pritch, Elston, and Capobianco are all trying, but right now they look like either overmatched forwards or just better as bench players. Off the bench, I've always like Elston's aggressiveness, but Capo has some good defensive instincts and and can really give the offense a boost with his passing and threes. But for the second straight year, IU is in the top ten of getting their shots swatted. Let that sink in.

On the bright side: USA-USA-USA!
That USA-Canada hockey game was amazing, and was everything I love about sports. The underdog hustling on every play and springing the upset by inches. Well done, Yanks!

Best rejoinder from north of the border: "I can't hear you over my healthcare benefits." As rates jump 30% this year, that one's going to keep stinging.


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