Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quiet Summer

Although summer is always relatively quiet in the sports world (really, espn? a title-town countdown? *yawn*... *click*) it's been something of a relief to quit getting bad news for IU basketball. Although yet another bad piece just came out, as Doug & Chris at Hoosier Scoop did some digging and found that IU basketball had a collective 2.13 GPA last semester, giving the team a 2.47 for the year. Ouch. I was very happy to see an open records law request, and actual journalism by the Scoop. I like reading Terry Hutchens, sure, but Kelvin Sampson has made Hutch look like the 2002-2003 White House Press Corp. Access is neither journalism nor expertise.

The best news ins some time, tho, is that Billy Packer, the nation's most hated basketball commentator, is hanging it up. The guy just couldn't see what was going on in front of his face, and his "observations" if you can call them that, made every game more difficult to watch. Rush the Court has a number of past transgressions/reasons that we can be thankful he's gone listed here. I guess Clark Kellogg is replacing him, who may not be my favorite sportscaster (I would've given Bill Raftery a shot), but at least Kellogg will be a noticeable improvement. Now if only Dickie V would just stick to hanging out with Bobby & Digger and not call any games...